Castle of Wizardry

Created: Saturday, March 11, 2017

The fourth book starts to ramp up the prophecy. The orb has been recaptured by Garion, but that is not the end of the story. They have to escape.

To make matters worse, Belgarath is out of the picture, and Polgara is needed to protect the all, and this leaves Garion to lead them. So starts Garion's training in leadership. Obviously, the team escape back to the west - otherwise it would be a very short and boring book. The band meets up again with Ce'Nedra and they all start to head off to Riva.

From this point on, the pace of the book slows down a fair bit. We are introduced to Riva a bit more and introduced to King Belgarion. Obviously, Ce'Nedra is a little dismayed at this, as she will have to now marry Garion. Belgarath has fully recovered after the slight concern that he would have lost his gift.

King Belgarion, the Child of Light then heads out with Silk and Belgarath to meet the Child of Dark. Polgara is pretty mad about this, but there is little she can do except order the kings to do all they can to find and return them. Of course, the trio always keep 1 step ahead of them.


This is an important book in the series, but that comes with a price. While i enjoyed the series as a whole, i can see why some people would not like this book. It can drag in some areas, especially the journey Garion has with Silk and Belgarath. Talking otters - seriously? The character development is still going on, but it is starting to grate a little with me know. With a maturity of years behind it, and a maturity in myself - i am fairly shocked at all the racism in the book so far. Our heroes just love to kill people of other races (Hettar for example, just wants to kill Murgo's all the time, and will go out of his way to hunt them down - just based on their race).

The pace has slowed a little more, and size of the book has increased a little more as well. This does help with the more mundane requirements of the story. Being a leader is not easy and David Eddings tries to bring that across. Belgarion is also still a little wet, and i would have thought he would have grown a backbone by now - like other Sendars.

I do love these characters, and this has been a great re-read for me.

My Rating: 8 / 10

The Belgariad Series

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