Queen of Sorcery

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Created: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The second book in the series see us in a region called Arendia. We a gradually introduced to the main cast again, and a new arrival. Lelldorin is a passionate, skilled archer that Garion befriends. He quickly pledge allegiance and will fight for a cause. While travelling, they meet Mandorallen, a fearless night. He and Lelldorin do not really see eye to eye, due to the bitterness between their peoples.

The princess Ce'Nedra is introduced as a whiny brat. Of course, we are going to meet up with her again, but she is introduced as spoilt and will get her way. She is starting to form a relationship with Garion, which she really has no choice over due to the prophecy. Garion is a little awkward in her presence, especially when bathing.

As the journey continues, Garion is renamed Belgarion. He has started to use his ability of Sorcery.

The journey takes them to meet Queen Salmissra in Nyissa, the snake people. The queen captures and drugs Garion. Polgara and Barak rush to his aid - Barak as the bear. Garion meets a God and Queen Salmissra is transformed into a snake.


I freely admit it, but i like Ce'Nedra. I think she bring some fire to the story and her relationship with Garion is amusing. Of course, i know where it will end up, but i didn't know that when i first read the series. Their fighting, bickering and general relation is just accepted by everyone else, who appear to accept that they are destined to become together.

I am not a fan of Lelldorin or Mandorallen. I feel they are a little too stereotypical. I know they are there for the story, but it does seem to skew the pace of the story a little. Of course, Barak and Silk are their best selves, but due to the new people, they seem to have a little less time devoted to them.

This is a good follow up. The story is picking up and going in a specific direction. I think Pawn of Prophecy is better due to the nice warm feeling from it. This is a little colder, and shows nasty things are out there.

The Belgariad Series

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