Patriots Day

The Boston Marathon Bombings
Created: Monday, January 15, 2018

This was a hard film to watch, due to the subject matter rather than poor acting or bad writing. This is a story based on the events from the Boston marathon in 2013, where a couple of bombs were set off, killing 3 people and injuring hundreds.

The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, a character that was made up for the film. While this may have annoyed a few people, i understand that they needed a facility to join all the different areas of the film - from the buildup, to the bombings themselves, to the manhunt. Having a central character between all these sections made the movie easier to follow.

This is a hard hitting film, and i have no problem what so ever in saying that my eyes moistened a couple of time during the film. The standout scene for me was the body of the young boy. It was being watched over at all times, and when he was taken away, the watcher gave him a salute. The other was at the very end, when they were interviewing some of the survivors depicted in the film. They showed the marathon the following year when he was running towards the finish line, and stopped to embrace his wife. Powerful, but it was real footage.

I believe real footage was spliced in with the drama. This gave it extra edge, and absorbed me into it a lot more than i thought it would have. Yes, the story was jumping around a little, but this was needed to build up the other people what would play an important part.

I knew of the bombings, and i knew how it ended, but this did not stop me from being absorbed by this film. I think the casting was brilliant and the acting was superb. This is one of those films that you would watch once, and never again.

My Rating: 8 / 10