Star Trek TNG Rewatch: S01E017 - When the Bough Breaks

The one with the Children
Created: Thursday, March 9, 2017

This is a part of my reboot, to watch more TV/Films. As this is the 50th year of Star Trek, and it has been years since i last saw this series, its high time for a re-watch. I will jot down some thoughts as i watch each episode. may not make much sense to people, but these are mainly for personal reference.

When the Bough Breaks

The Enterprise is following a bread crumb to a mysterious part of space. It is reported that there is a mystical planet where the population dedicates its time to the Arts and peace. Similar to Atlantis. Turns out that the stories are true, and the people of this planet reveal themselves to the Enterprise. They invite them to the surface for an exchange. They want some children in return for information about technology.

Picard refuses, and explains that humans are attached to their off spring. That does not go down well, and the children are kidnapped. They are given to some families where they try and nurture the children in the very short time they have with them.

The Enterprise crew hunt for a way to get to the planet, to bypass the amazing security around the planet. This they succeed and make their way to the computer, where the disable it. The children go on strike, with Wesley Crusher being their leader. After a tense, but brief argument with the leaders, the children are returned home and Dr Crusher tells them they are suffering from Radiation poisoning due to the Ozone layer. She is able to cure them. 

The power source for the planet is then opened and non on the planet have seen this before. Infact, then have lost a lot of information over the years. Its time to rebuild the population as well as their learning again. To do that, they will no longer have the protection that hide their planet from potential attacks.


OK, so it's not a fantastic episode, but the idea at its heart is. Why only download 6 children? They could have downloaded all the children. This would have helped them out a lot more in the future. Why only children? They wont be able to breed for many years - so why not take some teenagers or people closer to the youngest person on the planet. Seems very strange that they didn't think of this when they had the power to do so.

They were also very quick to concede defeat and accept the federations help. Now the federation can get a lot of knowledge. I would give this a 6/10.

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