Star Trek TNG Rewatch: S01E018 - Home Soil

Is this the crystal entity?
Created: Thursday, March 9, 2017

This is a part of my reboot, to watch more TV/Films. As this is the 50th year of Star Trek, and it has been years since i last saw this series, its high time for a re-watch. I will jot down some thoughts as i watch each episode. may not make much sense to people, but these are mainly for personal reference.

Home Soil

The Enterprise has been asked to take a look at a terraforming site which the federation has been having communication issues with. The director of the plant is very evasive and this forces Picard to send down an away team. While having a look around, one of the staff is murdered. Picard orders an investigation and a small bright light is discovered. So, they beam it aboard the Enterprise to get a better look at it.

Dr Crusher examines the item and believes it to be alive. Once it reproduces itself, it is confirmed that it is alive. Picard questions the director and he confirms he knew of it, but not that it was alive. He stated they were not looking for life as they were advised the planet was devoid of all life.

The entity starts to grow and is able to tap into the computer systems. It hacks the translator and starts to communicate. It wants war. It is not happy that its kind is being killed. For some reason, it takes power from the infared light, so Riker reduces the light to force it to agree to a surrender. This is a little weird as the item is located underground and wouldn't get light - but whats that to stop a story.


Its the first 'Is is life' story that crops up a fair bit. At one point i thought it may have been the birth of a crystalline entity from the Datalore episode. A solid 6/10 for this one.

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