The Soundrel

Created: Sunday, January 7, 2018

My first Gloomhaven Character

When we were asked if we wanted to play Gloomhaven, i was all in favour of it. We had arrived a little late to the party on this one, and a friend bought the second kickstarter edition. He gave us a list of the starting characters and asked what we would like to play.

As soon as i saw the human scoundrel, my searching stopped there. There are a number of reasons why i picked this character and i will list them here.

  • I am a fan on the human race. Apart from a couple of exceptions, all of my D&D characters have been human. I have no problem with the other races, i just prefer the humans. They are generally not specialised and can be adapted to suit virtually any situation, so i could always be of value.
  • I love to dual wield, and this generally means fast. Lose the armour and anything else that will slow me down, and increase my speed. Try to kill them before they hit you. I played the rogue in World of Warcraft and this reminded me of that.
  • Lovely loot. Who doesn't like loot. This characters flavour text was interesting - essentially everything is mine, i just need to take it back. This also gives me a character trait for the game as a whole, as i want to treat this very much like a D&D adventure.

With these in mind, i decided i needed a little more information about the game before we would start our first adventure. I did what anyone else would do - i went to YouTube.

I have added the video i watched for the introduction to Gloomhaven in the links section. I then watched the following video about the character itself. I stopped part way as i really didn't know what to expect from the game, and getting the card details was not for me at this point. However, i have watched it all after the first game, always helps to know about how to play your specific class.