International TableTop day 2017

An excuse to play games
Created: Sunday, April 30, 2017

29th April 2017 was International TableTop day. Like most years, this is a day to play and promote games. These can be board, card, miniature games - its not important - what is important is that we enjoy what we are playing. We also use this day to play games we may not have played before in the past.

This day came about from the Geek and Sundry community to promote board games across the globe. We are very fortunate in the UK that we have some excellent access to board games from both the European market and USA.

We also use the day to catch up with friends and try to relax a little, after all playing games ALL day can be tiring. :)

Trophies and Scoring

This year we did something a little different. I ordered a trophy of awesome that we would present to the overall winner of the day. To calculate this, i had a number of blank dice. Red represented first, yellow second and white third. They scored 3, 2, 1 respectively. The person with the most would get the trophy, and the second and third most scored would get a trophy themselves, but this one was from my personal collection (so, Taekwon-do ones).

The Games

We played a number of games during the day.

  1. Nefarious: A fun card game where we build inventions and score the highest. Enjoyable and we will visit this again in the future. Jo was on the ball with this, clearly winning and dominating the world.
  2. Settlers of Catan: A classic gateway game. I had a disastrous game, but Webby rocked it.
  3. Codenames: A great little game this - it really gets you thinking. I was on the winning side - and mainly due to pure luck we won.
  4. Mysterium: Webby was the Ghost, and we were investigating his death. There must have been some interference, as non of us guessed the correct murderer. Still a great game.
  5. 7 Wonders: Another game we enjoy with a large crowd. Jo rocked this one again, and i came a very respectful second (still lost by 9 points).
  6. Cash n Guns: A silly sorbet game while the boxing match was on the TV. I got nobbled straight away, but Wozza was a vicious Godfather.
  7. Unlock: A new game for us. We played 2 of the three games in the pack (we split into 2 groups). Loved the first one we played, but the second one was totally frustrating.


Overall, this was a very fun and enjoyable game. While we had a clear winner with Wozza, lost of others were getting dice and racking up their scores.

The big boxing match in the background was fun, and a few took time out to watch it. After all, while this is a day to celebrate TableTop games, its also a day to spend with friends.

We played some new games that i know we will be playing again in the future.

Time to start planning what we will be doing for next years International TableTop day.

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Wozza the winner