Clued Up Manhunt

Detective for a hour
Created: Sunday, January 21, 2018

Can you solve the crime?

This is an event similar to the Murder Mystery games that you can buy or attend. However, instead of being in a small group in a single location, asking questions of each other - you are in a group of up to 6 people and use a mobile phone to walk around a location, answer questions to get information about the crime.

The day started off wet, very wet. It slowly got wetter and colder. Due to the weather, we were all wrapped in coats and had Umbrellas. It was a little difficult to hear the text being read out. We started off at the American Fountain, where the timer started. The general premise is this: walk around Stratford to where the clues are located (there is a map with Pins, and these will activate once you are in the area - as worked out by your GPS on the mobile). There will be a question. These questions may be general knowledge of the area, or something you will need to physically find. Most appeared to be something that we needed to locate. Each question was multiple choice. Get it wrong, and you had to wait a minute to answer it again.

It took us about an hour to walk around the place. We were in no real rush to solve it - we were in a rush to get out of the cold wet day into somewhere warm. After we got all the clues, we trotted off to our main house for the day, where we warmed up, had a coffee and mince pie, rub the dog dry and started to go through the clues.

It didn't take us too long to work out who the murderer was, and what weapon they used. We submitted it, and we were ranked. We were in third place. Last year the group was second, but the weather was against us this year, and to be honest, we were not in a major rush. Third was brilliant, and we stayed there for most of the day (maybe finished in third place).

This was a fun day out, and i would recommend anyone giving it a go in the future.