The Build starts and pauses

Going to need a bigger house
Created: Monday, March 6, 2017

I need a bigger house

I started the build a fair while ago. I was eager to get the framework up and running to see what size the Falcon would be. Wow, it was going to be a lot bigger than i thought. Great, will give me more opportunities to get everything exactly how i envision it. So i started, and built the lower framework.

Bottom frame win progress

Bottom frame in progress

Bottom frame with paneling

Bottom frame with paneling

After constructing the bottom frame and adding all the panels, i ended with a good view of the size of the model. I was very happy with it. However, storage was going to be a challenge. Call me daft, but i dis not take into account the fact that i would have 2 halves and that they would both need solid storage while i was awaiting the rest of the kit and build instructions. DOH! So on hold it went at this point.

Therefore i started to look at the other areas. There are 2 main focal points after the ships hull. They are the Cockpit and the Cargo Hold. So i started on the cockpit, as we had a lot of those parts. As this was going to be a focal point of the build, i wanted to put a lot of effort into it. I prepared some of the bits and decided that i was not happy with a flat bit of plastic and a sticker. I wanted flashing lights, 3d controls and figures. I wanted to try and recreate the scene from A New Hope where they are all in the Cockpit (Luke, Obi-Wan, Han and Chewie).

So i checked the internet, and come across Shapeways, a 3d printing service from the states. Yes, a little costly, but something i could use. I also came across Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight. While the miniatures are not 100% accurate, they were a damn close option. With all this, i started to construct my arsenal of modifications.

Falcon and her crew
Classic Scene from A New Hope

Classic Scene from A New Hope

The second highlight is the Cargo Hold. The scene with Luke playing with the Lightsaber is a scene that has stuck with me for years. Naturally, i wanted to try and re-create this. The Hold itself looks grimy and cluttered, and again, this is something i wanted to try and re-create. I don't want to be 100% screen accurate, but i want something that is instantly recognisable.

Again, Shapeways and Imperial Assault came to the rescue. However, costs of the parts is a lot, so i am taking my time in acquiring them. Again, i wanted lots of lights and some flashing.

I have yet to start the actual hold, but i have been working on modifying some of the Imperial Assault figures to use for this scene.

I am itching to get building this model. However, space is a big issue. As a result of this lack of living space, i am working towards getting a house to help out. Of course this will take sometime, but i should still be able to proceed with the construction of the Cargo Hold to meet my vision.