First Issues arrived for Trial run

Created: Thursday, March 30, 2017

The first couple of issues arrived, along with some free Coasters from Rogue One. The coasters were a nice little gift, but they seem very gimmicky and not built very well. Never mind, not in it for the freebies.

The first thing you see when you get the issue is R2. This iconic droid will be built for this, and most of the parts (if not all) will be in the trial run. We don't have a lot to build, and all we end up after 2 issues is a leg for R2. Yes, the rest will come in the next 2 issues, but its a little disappointing that we do not get to build him within a couple of issues.

We also get the chance to build some of the laser cannon. This was fairly simple. Building the Laser Generator required a little more work, but all the bits slotted in nicely. Next issue we have more parts for this part, so hopefully we can finish one off.

The cockpit canopy was far too simple to set up. The plastic feels a little thin, but hopefully there will be some strengthening parts to come, otherwise i can see this snapping if used too much.

The first issue comes with a blue print for the X-Wing, and it will be big. This blue print is the same style as the Falcon one.

The magazines were good, but to be honest i rarely read everything in them. I will only read something if i feel it will interest me. Issue 2 had an interesting article on Modelling the X-Wing, and how to easily know the difference between the good and bad guys. Had some nice images of prototypes.